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1912: Polyplan

Movado is the hallmark of some of the most famous timepieces ever created, including the 1912 Polyplan − designed with a revolutionary, patented movement. Wrist watches already made up a large part of the company’s sales collection by 1910, but it was the breakthrough design of the Polyplan that turned heads, captured attention in the Swiss watch industry and earned Movado a patent in 1912.

The Polyplan was one of the first “form” movements developed specifically for elegantly elongated, curved wrist watches, a style that was very fashionable in the years before WWI. Movado engineered an ingenious solution: Polyplan’s revolutionary movement was built on three planes that were angled to fit a case curved to follow the natural contours of the wrist.

The name “Polyplan” itself was inspired by the patented construction – as Polygon means many angles, “Polyplan” signifies many planes.