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1946: Calendomatic

A new epoch in wrist calendar watches was ushered in with the debut of the advanced, self-winding Movado Calendomatic with full calendar function. This elegantly engineered timepiece featured month and day dial apertures and a central date indicator hand along with a center-mounted sweeping seconds hand and automatic winding.

With these complications, the Calendomatic was not only the first of its kind in the market, but also the flagship of the Movado fleet in its day.

Calendomatic was first in a new genre of Movado watches with automatic movements equipped with full, self-contained calendar modules. Similar well-known Movado designs of the period included the original Calendograph, the smaller ladies’ Calendette and Calendoplan Baby, and the 1947 Celestograph with center seconds, day, month, date calendar functions and moon phase indication.