Powered with Wear OS by Google™


Iconic Modern Design evolves into the Smartwatch for the New Millennium. And allows us to explore exciting new ways of telling time.

Intuitive, Intelligent, Experiential. The Museum Dial emerges as something entirely new: Movado Connect. This powerful Smartwatch runs Google’s newly updated Wear OS by Google™. High resolution digital display redefines “always on.” Connects to your phone via Bluetooth. Uniting ultimate creativity with connectivity, its face can be customized in over 100 variations by mixing and matching design and data. DAY TO NIGHT is a unique visualization of how the Museum Dot symbolizes the sun at high noon. Its analog or digital design features gradient day-to-night changing background color. CYCLOX finally brings Nathan George Horwitt’s 1936 design to life with its sweeping edge to indicate seconds, a rotating single dot representing minutes and the hour displayed in the center. And PERSPECTIVE with its shaded rings is inspired by artist Chul Hyun Ahn’s “Perceiving Infinity,” a work of art that is a physical representation of infinite space. You can also choose from Museum Classic, Digital and Sport.

Beyond its eye-catching artistry and design and visionary Google technology, Movado Connect doesn’t just think like you, it lives like you. Staying in touch takes on new meaning when you can receive notifications for calls, texts and app alerts. Google Assist enables you to get answers and perform tasks, control apps and devices, receive commute information, find directions, never miss a timely reminder. Respond to messages right from your watch with new input methods such as handwriting recognition, keyboard, voice, etc…Google Fit and third party apps help you amp up your fitness through improved activity recognition and tracking. Make secure payments right from Connect with Android Pay. Now run apps directly from your watch without depending on your phone. Movado Connect works with both iOS and Android smartphones. And it does it all with 24-hour battery life.


Wear OS by Google™ is a trademark of Google LLC.