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Baselworld 2017

March 23-30, 2017 − Basel, Switzerland

Movado is proud to present Design Genius— celebration of design and innovation that encompasses the brand’s 135+ year history with the iconic Museum Dial at the center of this important milestone. 2017 marks the 70th anniversary of the ground-breaking Museum Dot Dial design – the iconic dot at 12 o’clock has become the Movado brand’s most important signature around the globe. At Baselworld this year, as part of the brand’s annual exhibit, Movado will explore the concept of Design Genius as expressed by Nathan George Horwitt’s breakthrough design, the recognition it has received as well as the inspiration it has provided since first launched in 1947.

“We do not know time as a number sequence,” Horwitt said, “but by the position of the sun as the earth rotates.” Nathan George Horwitt was an industrial designer who changed the face of time by breaking all the conventions of time-telling, and stripping the numbers from the watch dial. A follower of the Bauhaus Movement, he formulated his own concept of design that focused on items and spaces that were basic and functional – hence, the idea of a dot signifying the sun at high noon was born – a single dot that changed the face of time and has defined the Movado brand.

“The single dot Museum Dial, designed by Nathan George Horwitt in 1947 is pure design genius,” said Efraim Grinberg, Movado Group Chairman & CEO. “We celebrate 70 years of this breakthrough design that visualizes time with daring and acclaimed simplicity. Always original, conceptual, beautiful and inspiring -the Movado Museum Dial is recognized as one of the most important designs of the 20th century.”

In the exhibition space, visitors can read the incredible recognition Horwitt’s simple, modern and iconic design received from a diverse and notable group of individuals ranging from Norman Rockwell to Edward Steichen. In addition, Albert Einstein, one of the 20th century’s most influential people, shared a mutual admiration with Nathan George Horwitt and it is a stunning testament to the power of Horwitt’s design genius that he received a highly complementary note back from Einstein after sending him several of his sketches. “When I received the sketch of the clock you invented I was impressed by this simple and convincing idea.” – Albert Einstein. In recognition of this incredible camaraderie, and as part of the 2017 Design Genius initiative, Movado will lend its support to the Albert Einstein Foundation and sponsor programs and initiatives that bring innovative new ideas to fruition.

Within Movado’s 2017 new product offerings, the Museum Dot will be the focus around the globe in diverse product permutations ranging from the 70th Anniversary collection with Bauhaus Limited Edition pieces, to a new automatic series that will be launched in China and new Ultra Slim designs. As part of the continuing evolution of Design Genius, the brand will also be launching the next generation of Movado’s connected watches – a new partnership with Google Android wear that empowers the wearer to experience Movado’s Design Genius through multiple selections of the iconic Movado Dial. Additional novelties will include in select markets the expansion of the Heritage Series which celebrates Movado’s designs from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s in a relevant interpretation.

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